Our goal is to improve livelihoods, reduce over-exploitation of natural resources, and alleviate widespread poverty with Green Growth

Our mission is to ensure that natural assets deliver their full economic potential on a sustainable basis. Communities and villages have an abundance of environmental resources that we utilize to support economic and social development to achieve sustainability. GreenVillage is a collaborative effort towards a more sustainable future. It takes a village to raise a child – and it takes collaboration to raise a village. We cannot do it without you, and the first step is to Get Involved.

“With over 45 years of collective experience in Development & Implementation, we firmly believe that the blueprint for sustainability lies in collaboration”

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

GreenVillage supports the vision of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Our goal is to transform communities into Green Villages using 7 out of the 17 Development Goals as the foundation for what is needed for a prospering Green Village

The 7 Pillars of a GreenVillage


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